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Sunday, March 18, 2012

 Wow, what a shoe!

Visited 48th Miami Art festival in Key Biscayne.

 The previous shoe is a painting,
this one is s print with crystals.

 All kinds of paintings there.

 Fancy glass sculptures.

 This and the painting below are my favourite ones.
They are made by a young artist Jade A Brown from Miami Beach.

Didn't buy any painting, sculpture nor food there
(crab cakes were sold there too - my favourites!)
but a pair of earrings.

 Lumina Design's earrings made of
Peruvian opal, Chalcedony, Turquoise, Apatite and Crystal.
The ocean colours are so beautiful!


  1. my favourite are the glass sculptures =) thanks for sharing hun xoxo

  2. Mielenpiristäjäpostaus :))

    Tulin vihdoin vastavierailulle blogiisi.. ja jäinkin lukijaksesi <3

  3. Wau, ihana postaus :)!

    Mielenkiintoisia maalauksia! Kauniit korvakorut ostit :). Olisi ollutkin aikamoinen raahaaminen+pakkaaminen (ja ehjänä perille) tuollaisessa patsaassa tai taulussa....;)


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