Beach Reading

Thursday, March 22, 2012

 Here's some pretty light reading on the beach on a sunny day. 

Books & Books on Lincoln Road is a great smallish 
bookstore with a cafe for snacks and lunch outside.

Yesterday saw there on the table in the front 
where all the most recommended books are 
Finnish author Riikka Pulkkinen's 
latest novel Totta/Truth translated into English.
Read it in Finnish some time ago.
Very unique, fine, deep and fantastic book!

 Books & Books on Lincoln Road
So much to choose from!
That interior book of LA houses would've been fabulous,
but unfortunately too heavy to bring to Europe in the luggage...

 Got an autographed version of South Beach by Brian Antoni.
2 books by Carl Hiaasen:
Tourist Season and Star Island

Carl Hiaasen has been working for Miami Herald since 1976.

Hiaasen's fiction mirrors his concerns as a journalist and Floridian.
His novels have been classified as "environmental thrillers" and are usually found on the mystery shelves in bookshops, although they can just as well be read as mainstream reflections of contemporary life. His books have been published in 33 different languages.

 Here's the real Star Island in the front of Miami Downtown. 

New York cupcakes & Parisian macarons!
Paris, My Sweet by Amy Thomas


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  2. Aw these sound interesting! I love finding new books x

  3. Looks like a perfect beach reads :)
    Have a great and sunny weekend,


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