Eating In & Out

Friday, March 23, 2012

Mainly eating at home,
here're some examples:
 Seafood paella
 Caesar salad
 Tomato salad 
(with grilled chicken breast, no pic!)
 Something sweet
(bought at Publix)
 Gratinated lobster tails.
 Swordfish with asparagus.
 Seafood plate with clams, tuna tartar, 
warm-smoked salmon, shrimps, lobster tails
and 2 dip sauces.

Sometimes is's easier to have some take out:
 The Chinese on Lincoln Road at Alton Road
is a good place for take-out meals
(not so nice to dine there as it's a pretty huge
the air-condition is on full speed 
and the service there is rather Chinese...)

Once in a while is nice to go out for dinner.

Fratelli di Bufala on on 4437 Washington Avenue
is great place to have a pizza.

Smith & Wollensky on 1 Washington Avenue
(at South Point)
is a steak house, but also serve
fantastic crab cakes, tuna tartar and grilled lobsters.


  1. I am so hungry looking at all these gorgeous plates of food :)x

    I would really like if you would check out my blog...maybe follow?

  2. Ughhh this all looks AMAZING! So hungry now.

    Missing Amsie Blog

  3. Nämä kuvat ovat mahtavia! Todella herkullisia!! :P

    xx Heidi Caterina

  4. Looks amazing!



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