Sunday, September 4, 2011

 Proper dinner at home:
Cold-smoked salmon filled with shrimp salad on a slice of bread

 Pasta gambaretti

 Hungarian "szurke marha"
fillet of beef with Brussels sprout

Pouilly-Fume 2009
Thummerer Egri cabernet sauvignon 2006
(bought a box of it in their cellar last Sunday)

Edit Piaf
- Liszt will come later

After the dinner
- which was not so small -
went for a little walk
to the opera house
 Earlier this week had received an invitation
for a Franz Liszt concert
in the front of the opera house
- the invitaion came from Terezvaros (= 6.district of Budapest)
Franz Liszt was a 19th-century Hungarian composer,
virtuoso pianist, conductor, and teacher.

 Gergely Boganyi gave a marvellous piano concert
playing Liszt Ferenc (= Franz Liszt)

He Gergely Boganyi was born in 1974 in Vác, Hungary,
and started playing the piano at the age of four.
The family moved from Hungary to Finland
when Gergely was 14 years old,
so he speaks fluent Finnish.
 He continued his studies at the Liszt Academy in Budapest,
the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki and
at Indiana University in Bloomington with professors
László Baranyay, György Sebök, Matti Raekallio.

Beautiful warm night on Andrassy ut
It's fantastic that the city organizers this kind of concerts!

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