Have A Coke

Sunday, September 4, 2011

 What's in the Laduree paper bag?
- the dress that wore in the wedding party,
just took randomly a paper bag to put the dress in
and take it to the laundry
- by the way, going to London on Tuesday
so will have a chance to pop in to Laduree
for macarons!

Here some pics of my hair-do with a fascinator:

As mentioned before
Kogart, the venue of the wedding,
is also an art gallery
- at the moment there's an annual exhibition of new artists
called Fresh 2011/Friss 2011
Have a Coke
by a Romanian artist Radu Mocanu
- the anti-war painting made by using black cartoon style
and combined with soft pink background 
makes the series of "Have A Coke 1-4"
paintings very interesting and fascinating

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