Traditional Hungarian Cuisine

Sunday, August 21, 2011

 On Friday evening had a reservation for
Kehli vendeglö in Obuda
- it's an old traditional Hungarian restaurant

 To start with a cold plate of Hungarian delicasies
- goose liver, salami, stuffed paprika, curd meet, pork
- this plate was for 4 persons
 Töltött kaposzta
(= stuffted cabbage roll)
- wasn't for me, it's delicious but
extremely heavy
 Instead had grilled chicken breast with raw vegetables
and joghurt sauce
- a bit boring but perfect for me!

 Every night there's a band playing gipsy music
- these men have been playing in Kehli for ages!

 Hungarian cheese plate for 4
- emmental, camenber, smoked cheese, trappista,
blue cheese, cream cheese
 And the music goes on!
- crepe filled with blueberry jam
 Gypsy violin

Lemon sorbet to end the meal

Kehli Vendeglö
III Budapest
Mokus utca 22

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