Folk Dance Show

Friday, August 19, 2011

 Yesterday evening went to Margit Island
to see a Hungarian folk dance show
"Ecseri lakodalmas - Az alomidö"
(Ecser Wedding - Dreamtime)
on Margitszigeti Szabadteri Szinpad

The 60-year Anniversary Gala
of the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble

The first part consisted
old traditional folk dances
by Magyar Allami Nepi Egyuttes
(Hungarian State Folk Ensemble)
- great, very talented dancers!

 Szolnoki Szimfonikus Zenekar
(Szolnok City Symphony Orchestra
- they're good!

The second half was folk dances
in a modern way
- didn't impress me,
even though am a great fan of modern dance,
some how tried to be very artistic
which made it a bit fake,
there're grest moments though

"Founded in 1951, the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble
is devoted to collecting the folklore treasury
of the Carpathian Basin and presenting it on stage.
The Ensemble's repertoire encompasses all genres
related to folk tradition: historical music,
authentic folk music and dance,
as well as world music and
traditional-based contemporary dance-shows."

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