Salinaris Resort

Monday, August 29, 2011

 What's this?
- it's salt!
- the salt hill is created by the water flowing down
the hillside in Egerszalok
- between the Matra and Bukk Mountains
in the valley of Lasko stream
there's a village of Egerszalok,
6km from Eger
- the spring and salt hill used to be a public place
but nowadays there's a huge complex of resort built there,
so not for free use any more
 A bit crowded, isn't it?
 At first wanted to have lunch at Salinaris Resort,
then changed it to drinks,
but finally after sitting in the lobby bar
and waiting for the waiter to come and collect the order,
which by the way never happened
and couldn't say that the bar was busy,
decided to leave the place
- NOT a wellcoming place!
Huge cars with Romanian plates outside the hotel
gives an idea of the clientele, doesn't it?
Salinaris Resort
Spa and Conference Hotel
Forras utca 6
- unfortunately not  my kind of place,
prefer more service-minded places

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  1. siisti ja hieno blogi:)
    käy tutustumassa blogiimme, jossa jokaisella on mahdollisuus olla kuvattavana pituuteen, painoon tai muuhun katsomatta.


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