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Monday, August 29, 2011

 Where's this?
Not in Hungary
 Looks very Moroccan, doesn't it?
Marrakesh, Casablanca?
 Actually this is in Hungary!
- accommodation, restaurant, bar, outside pool, spa with treatments,
hammam, conference and meeting rooms
- had drinks in the courtyard terrace
 Meses Shiraz Hotel in Egerszalok
- interesting business plan!
 Meses Shiraz
Wellness and Training Hotel ****Superior
Szechenyi ut 31
 The journey continues
- beautiful vinyards
 Almost like blast from the past
- very original "csukrazsda", cafe and bakery
run by an elderly lady in Verpelet
 - just baked cookie
 A family arrived to the cafe by Trabant
to have Sunday afternoon ice-cream
- popular place, people came for cakes to take-away,
to have ice-cream and a cup of coffee
 It was really interesting to drive
small roads in the countryside
There must be different varieties of sunflowers
because most of the fields were already bloomed

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