Royal Palace Of Gödöllö

Monday, August 29, 2011

Sissi loved the Royal Palace of Gödöllö
 The Palace is one of the most important,
largest monuments of Hungarian Palace architecture.
The construction began around 1733,
under the direction of András Mayerhoffer
a Salzburg builder
Empress Elisabeth (1837-1898) specially loved staying in Gödöllő,
where the Hungarian personnel
and neighbourhood of the Palace always warmly welcomed her.
Following her tragic death,
a memorial park adjoining the upper-garden was built.

After the male side of the Grassalkovich family died out in 1841,
the Palace had several owners,
and in 1867 it was bought for the Crown
 This state lasted until 1918,
thus Francis Joseph (1867-1916) and later Charles IV
and the royal family spent several months in Gödöllő every year.

After 1945 the Palace,
like many other buildings in Hungary,
fell into decay.

Soviet and Hungarian troops used the building,
some of the beautifully decorated rooms
were used for an Old People's Home,
and the park was divided into smaller plots of land.

From Gödöllö drove to Budapest,
ordered some Indian take-away from Taj Mahal
and watched "The Modern Family"

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  1. Gödöllö?!?!
    Juuh, kielisukulaisia ollaan.

    Hieno pytinki, muttei se ihan Linderhofia voita ;-)


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