Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Would anybody skip Sachertorte
while in Vienna???

(Actually having a friend who prefers
bitter lemon instead...) 
You can only get the original Sachertorte
at Sacher
- Demel also makes Sachertorte
but with their own recipe
There are 3 choices at Sacher:
Sacher Bistro
- trendy, the shop is also there
Sacher Cafe
- traditional
- small, more locals
After the cake and some sparkling
ready to have a little walk in Vienna
- through Burggarten
Detail of the wrought-iron guilded fence
on Burgring
Detail of the Schweizertor gate
Schweizertor -the Swiss Gate- in the Hofburg palace
is the most colourful surviving remnant of Renaissance Vienna
In Vienna you cannot avoid the horses
- here in the front of Hofburg at Michaelertor
Contemporary statues on Graben
Visited the Demel shop
on Kohlmarkt 14
Stephensdom on Stephensplatz
in the very heart of the Innere Stadt

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