Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Just couldnt resist of taking pics of these colourful flowers
next to Stephensdom...
Stephensdom , St Stephans Cathedral
in the heart of the Innere Stadt
is Viennas principal landmark
The roof tiles form a mosaic of the double-headed eagle
that is symbolic of the empire ruled from Vienna
 by the Habsburg dynasty
There are 18 altars in the main part of the church,
and more in the various chapels.
View of Vienna from the bell tower
The weather was cloudy
but very hot!
The glory of St. Stephen's Cathedral is
its ornately patterned, richly coloured roof,
111 meters ong,
and covered by 230,000 glazed tiles.
 Its current Romanesque and Gothic form seen today
was largely initiated by Rudolf IV and
stands on the ruins of two earlier churches,
the first being a parish church consecrated in 1147.
So many interesting details!
Somebody has a nice rooftop terrace!
Coats of arms of Austria and
on the right side coats of arms of Vienna
made by mosaic tiles
St. Stephen's Cathedral has 23 bells in total.
The largest is officially named for St. Mary,
but usually called Pummerin ("Boomer")
and hangs in the north tower.
- it wieghts 20,130kg!!!

The composer Ludwig van Beethoven discovered
 the totality of his deafness
when he saw birds flying out of the bell tower
as a result of the bells' tolling
 but could not hear the bells.

St Stephans Cathedral is next to the modern silverish
Haas Haus
where the hotel Do&Co is located
Behind the Cathedral there is a shop selling
shoes by Miu Miu, Prada, Tods...

...and there is also a nice flower shop!

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