Around Lincoln Road

Monday, March 28, 2011

Orchids growing in the trees of Lincoln Road

. West end of Lincoln Road

. 1111 building on the background - the gardens are designed by Raymond Jungles . Funky boutique! .
High-end decor stuff at Nest

- Sara Colombo's shop is a must-visit!

. It's all about shops, cafes, restaurants, clubs

Alfresco dining all year round

Beach access on the other end of Lincoln Road

Just one block from Lincoln Road

there's the New World Center

with extravaganza park
The New World Center
Detail of the park

Back to the Lincoln Road

- French Paul is the place to buy croissants & baquett

. And off again,

there's the American "Ikea"


- at least the prices're very reasonable!
All kinds of stuff for home decoration

on 3 levels

. Oh, there's even Herve Leger!

Wondering how it would feel to wear one

of those garments!

- they are so tight and "rubberish"!

Had dinner here last Saturday


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