Hope Town Fish Monger

Thursday, February 17, 2011

On the way to fish monger's popped into Sugar Shack...

Butter pecan, this time - yummy!

Mr Albury at his fish house. Bought some mahi mahi & shrimps.
Got some "leaves" from Mr Albury's garden - no idea what they are, but he recommended to cook them and use as spinach.
Mahi mahi on the grill.
Cooked shrimps with avocado-tomato salad - heavenly!

Add some carrots, olive oil & garlic with the "leaves" before fried them all.
Grilled mahi mahi with carrots & "leaves" - absolutely fantastic!
A white chocolate chips cookie for dessert - these home-made cookies are so delicious,
bought them at Sugar Shack's.
By the way, had pepperoni-jalopeno pizza yesterday at Abaco Inn - juicy!

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