Onboard Shopping

Saturday, August 28, 2010

There's a huge catalogue in the seat pocket
on Finnair flight from Budapest to Helsinki
- made a preorder
and got the stuff on the way back
to Budapest
Lots of nice things to order from
like these 100% silk travel sheets!
Cocoon TravelSheet is an extremely lightweight
and roomy sleep sack or sleeping bag liner.
hotels, youth hostels, alpine huts,
boats, planes, trains etc
- well, not so sure if really needed these,
perhaps on an over-sea-flight...
Picked up something else too...
practical cosmetics!
. This one was a totally new fragrance for me!
- the scent is really like fresh laundry!
"Warm from the dryer, fluffy towel fresh and CLEAN.
As familiar as your favorite just washed t-shirt.
Smell this good all the time with notes of
Brazilian Orange, Rose Otto,
Night Blooming White Jasmine,
Cotton Blossom and Mexican Lime.
An irresistible just laundered scent from CLEAN."
By the way, funny thing was that
received the goods already
before the plane took off,
but nobody came to ask any money for them!
Before the plane started to land,
asked from a stewardess:
"Excuse me, may I pay my preordered goods, please?"
- "Oh, of course!"

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