Sugar Shop

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

There's Sugar Shop behind these doors!
Candies, chocolate, cakes...
They sell also cupcakes,
but not the real ones
- these ones are with egg white icing or marcipan
- bought one and unfortunately
didn't feel so good after
eating a bite of it...
- gave some feedback & got a pretty sensible answer:

Thank you for your feed back, I have to tell you that I was really sad when I red your mail.
You should know that it is our 4th pastry, we make cake not only for our pastry
but for other confctionaries as well.
The quality is the most important thing for us, we use only the best materilas
(Carbo and Valrhona chocolate, milk from farm but only materials controlled.
Our chief confectioner is the board member of the Hungarian Pastry Syndicate.
Not only this are the reasons but we cannot allow us to make any cake from uncontrolled materials,
we do not allow to display in the counter and sell expired products.

Regarding the cup cake mentioned I have to tell you that:
- We always use only sterilized eggs
- On the same day we have made 85 muffins from the same egg white and there was no other feed back (we sell them on Saturday as well)
- The egg white made with sugar and before use we heat it, so there are two reasons wich makes more difficult to grow the bacterisa.
In any event we have called back the last 4 muffins yesterday and we asked the Ántsz to test them today.
I hope you will find other cakes in our confectionary wich will be more delicious and tasty for you.
Thank you for your feed back again and thank you for your understanding.
I know that is not the best time,
but I wish you a Merry Christmas time and a Happy New Year.
Sugar Shop
VI Bp, Paulay Ede utca 48.

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