Imperial Court Palace

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Imperial Court Palace in Innsbruck
Built as residence of the Tyrolean provincial rulers under
Archduke Sigmund the Rich and
extended under Emperor Maximilian I (1459-1519).
Maria Theresa (1717-1780) rebuilt the Palace
in the late Viennese baroque style
and called it her "little Schönbrunn of the Alps".
During the 19th century the interior was adapted
in the style of the time.
Now only the State Rooms were for public,
the Private Rooms were under renovation.
- what a pity!
- but the 4 state rooms were beautiful,
unfortunately it wasn't allowed to take photos there
There was also Mountains, A Mysterious Passion exhibition there
- it's about the mountains & mountain climbing

Including also some interesting paintings of the mountains
. . Cyanometer, 1944
- the darker the blue,
the cleaner the air
Learnt also that a drug called Pervitin was allowed,
because it gave a person the strenght
to go all away up to 8.000m!!!
- in 1950s doping was not considered a problem
Cafe Sacher was in the same building,
so visited there as well

Some cakes on display
. A piece of the famous cake
. Austrian cafe style
. Concidering the wall,
lots of famous people have visited Cafe Sacher

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