A walk in Copenhagen

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Tivoli by night
- the traffic was quite heavy during the night
- some bars were open untill 8am!
Could hear people going home in the morning
The hotel breakfast was served from 7am till noon.
Excellent breakfast!
had lots of fruit, shrimps, salmon, large variety of breads, danish...
The weather was cloudy and rather windy,
but not particularly chily,
had to wear a fleece jacket though
Had a nice all day long walk
- didn't need a lunch after the huge breakfast
Old houses on Bryghusgade

Interesting tower on Borsen building


Huge flowers at Amaliehaven


New Opera house on the backround

Den Lille Havfrue
Created by sculptor Edward Eriksen (1876-1959),
donated by Carlsberg's famous brewer, Carl Jacobsen,
and inspired by H.C. Andersen's fairytale,
the slender figure of
The Little Mermaid
sits quietly on her granite boulder,
gazing wistfully towards the shore
in search of her prince.
Old houses at Nyboder

How is this possibly -
flowers without any pots growing next to a building?

Store Kungsgade
Church of Our Saviour
Vor Frelsers Kirke
- Christianshavn's largest church with an elegant twisted spire
- the Baroque church was erected during the 1680's
- in the middle of the 18th century it was decided to add on a tall spire
- the outside winding staircase leads to the top by no less than 150 exhausting steps
- the tip of the spire is a golden globe,
on top of which is balanced a 3-meters tall figure of Christ
holdin a victory banner
Houses on Overgaden oven vandet at Christianshavn

New architecture on Hammershöls kaj

More new architecture near the Nordea building
Visited also the freetown of Christiania
- there were signs asking not to take photos,
respected the wish
"If you respect us, we respect you"
- sort of an interesting place to visit,
it's said that if you haven't seen Christiania,
you haven't seen Copenhagen
When entering the gate of Christiania,
graffiti art, wall paintings and even sculptured
displaying the "flag" of Christiania
- a fierce red backdrop with 3 bright yellow dots
representing the dots of the 3 i's in Christiania
were there greeting.
The area, located on the eastern side of Christianhavn,
was originally an abandoned military camp,
which was taken over in 1971 by hippie squatters
seeking to create a "free state"
within the surrounding city of Copenhagen.
This experiment turned into a movement
that still exists today,
though in a slightly modified and
anarchistic way than its progenitor.
Until 2004,
the open trade of cannabis and hash
was largely tolerated by the authorities,
but a controversial demolition of
the famous "Pusher Street"
put an end to
what continued to be the biggest eyesore
to many politicians.
Today the open drug trade is completely gone,
but Christiania retains its image as a place
where soft drugs are tolerated
to some extent.
Peder Oxe - the restaurant where had dinner on Saturday

Husk & Flusk
- didn't eat there, just had drinks on the terrace
- interesting interior with hanging hams!

Old houses on Store kannike strade

Illums Bolighus
Huge interior shop
Amargertorv 10

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