Saturday, July 18, 2009

This is the reason why came to Copenhagen:

This tells it all!
Absolutely the right place to be in, no doubt.
After the dinner had a little walk in Nyhavn
"Nyhavn" literally translates into " New Harbour",
but the name belies the truth of its long history.
Nyhavn was established on the initiative of King Christian V
as early as 1671-73,
and was intended as a harbour for Kongens Nytorv.
The purpose of the harbour,
which is, in fact, a man-made canal,
was to draw traffic and commerce into the very heart of the city,
and allow the merchants to build their houses along the wharves.
. Ships arrived from afar to discharge their cargoes,
and Nyhavn became a lively port of call
where sailors met for knee-ups and fist-cuffs
in the many taverns and pubs.
Even poets found their way to Nyhavn.
Thus, the world-famous fairytale writer,
Hans Christian Andersen lived
at no less than 3 addresses by the canal.
Most of the houses in Nyhavn were built
more than 300 years ago
and have since been restored.

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