Transatlantic Day 5

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunrise on Saturday morning
Saturday started as usual - going to the gym,
running there for 45mins
Dress of the day:
Black trousers by Hugo Boss - boring!
Black cashmire 3/4-sleeve pullover by Repeat
Black ballerinas by Prada - also boring!
Beige-brownish silk scarf by Gucci
Silver bracelet with moonstones & topaz
(bought it in Greece, cannot remember the brand)
Breakfast at Britannia Club
Cranberry juice, fresh fruit salad,
omelet with ham, cheese and mushrooms,
croisant & tea
Had to bring back the book to the library,
didn't finish it yet,
so will try to find it in NY to buy it.
Didn't go to the spa in the morning - surprise!
Instead went out to deck 7,
the weather looked so beautiful,
no clouds at all!
Very mild sea, air temperature 13 degrees Celsius.
It was so lovely to rest there on a sunbed
on aft deck!
Were there for 1,5h
and got "panda effect"
= burnt the face!
Had sunglasses on so the face got red
except the eye area stayed white.
Looked a bit funny,
needed a lot of make up for the night.
Didn't think the sun was really so strong,
but of course at the sea it is always strong.
Lunch at King's Court

Crabmeat salad
- delicious!
Grapes & litci
3pc white chocolate chunk cookies
cup of tea
Now it was time to go to spa!
Spent there 1,5h and
at 3.30pm had an appoinment for facial.
Chose 80mins Oxygen facial
- after cleaning & massage had 50mins oxygen treatment,
felt weird at first:
cold air was sprayed to the eye area, f
orehead and around mouth
- fell asleep even though tried very hard to stay awake!
After the oxygen 2 ampuls were spread to the face:
1 was hydrating
1 had a kind of botox-effect
- face looked much better afterwards,
less wrinkled,
but the panda effect was still there...
The weather had changed to a bit misty
Started packing,
unfortunately it was the last night.
Actually felt already that it was time to do something else.
All the luggage that don't want to carry,
can be left outside the state room
between 6pm till midnight
with a special tags on them.
Got purple 1 tags.
Dress code: Elegant Casual
Black dress by Marc Cain
Black high heels by Prada
Pale peach rose & a bangle in seashell colour by HM
Black evening bag by LV
Hair: self-made up do
Tonight's show:
Farewell Variety Show
with Aaron Shaw, Bettine Clemen, Royal Cunard singers & dancers
- show was ok, Bettine was good - she's a personality
Aaron sings well , but the songs he sang were boring, like "Lady in Red"
- awful song!
Liked much more when he sang Mario Lanza type of music
The Royal Cunard singers & dancers are all right
but something was missing,
technically they are good but there was no soul in it.
Dinner at Britannia Club

Canyon Ranch Spa Selections:
- will miss the possibility to choose these kind of
light & delicious meals in a normal restaurants
Arugula salad with roasted tomatoes & parmesan cheese

Mozzarella stuffed chicken breast with tomato salad

- not mentioned on the menu but there was also spagethi,
which was a bit tastless & too much
Lemon & blackberry tart
- excellent
Had also some cheese
A glass of pinot grigio
Put the suitcases outside the stateroom before going to bed.
Time was set back by 1h for the last time

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