Transatlantic Day 4

Friday, April 24, 2009

Sea was calm during the night. Had a good night sleep.
Before breakfast 45mins walking and running in the treadmill.

Dress of the day:
Black trousers by Hugo Boss
Beige silk pullover by Mango
Beige, brown scarf by Gucci
Black ballerinas by Prada
Topaz earrings by Thomas Sabo

Breakfast at Britannia Club
- also both couples of our table were there
Had cranberry juice, fresh fruit salad, lox bagel & chamomile tea
Paul & Maia had put the menus of every day
on our place of the table with a text:
“We have strived to provide you with an excellent food
and dimming experience in the Britannia Club restaurant
our only hope is that you have enjoyed our service as much as
we enjoyed serving you
From your waiters
Paul and Maia”
Florist at work
Went to see today’s shopping specials at deck 3 Grand Lobby:
“The beauty and allure of Eastern jewellery”
50% off ticket prices
Nothing special, so didn’t buy any

At the same time = 10am passed the place where Titanic sank in 1912

Weather has changed to cloudy.
Sea state moderate.
Temperature 13C. Sea temperature 15C

Spa department with aqua therapy centre was calling again!
Afterwards tried to read once again but for some reason couldn’t keep the eyes open.

Skipped the lunch.

At 2pm had 50mins Deep pressure massage
“Stimulate and invigorate your muscles
and release tension with this deep,
focused all-over body massage.
Designed to release tight, fatigued muscles and joints,
you’ll feel like a new person”
- had very tight upper back muscles – didn’t take away all the pain but helped a bit
- refreshing oil left a nice energetic feeling
Included Peppermint scalp refresher
“This aromatherapy scalp treatment will complement any massage.
The refreshing blend of essential oils on your scalp
helps stimulate circulation from head to toe”
- felt good
- hair is completely oily after the treatment
– luckily had booked an appointment to hairdresser’s
Fetch some snack from King’s Court on the way back to the state room
- banana, 3pc chocolate chips cookies, tea

At 5pm hairdresser
- Serbian hairdresser put rollers to make my hair curly
- Didn’t stay curly but nicely wavy

Dress code: Formal
Saw earlier that ladies were wearing trousers on formal nights so:
Black trousers by Stella McCarthy for HM
Black strap top by Max Mara
Black rose by HM
Black-silver-crystal bracelet by Furla

Black-crystal flower earrings by Thomas Sabo
Black wedge sandals by Prada
Black evening bag by LV
Hair open, wavy

Had early dinner at Britannia Club
with the American & British couple
Canyon Ranch Spa Selections:
Cucumber salad with sesame seeds
- so simple and delicious
Grilled basa with green tomato relish & grits cake
- some kind of white fish - good
- grits cake - don't really know what it was, mild taste, like rice
- one of the best ever!
pinot grigio
Luce della vite, Toscana
Galley Brigade
The entire Culinary Brigade consists of 150 Chefs
who are under the Supervision of the
Executive Chef Karl Winkler
Born in Salzburg, Austria,
he spent time perfecting his culinary skills in Europe,
New York and London.
He has been working for Cunard Line for past 33 years.
His most challenging undertaking was Executive Chef of the start up team
and launch of the largest
Ocean Liner Queen Mary 2.
His philosophy is simplicity,
creating food with the freshest ingredients chosen from
an extensive repertoire of his career in the hospitality industry.
More facts about the Galley & Dining Operation:
- 85 dishwashers, pot washers & galley cleaners working around the clock
- The storerooms consist of 21 refrigerated rooms
- For Transatlantic voyages
the Food & Beverage Dep. submits i
ts requisitions every 3-4 weeks in advance
- 120 pizzas are consumed each day
- 6000 cups of tea are served daily
- 700 English scones are served during the Afternoon Tea
- over 8000 linen napkins are used & laundered every day
- app. 87.000 pieces of china & glassware are used on a daily basis
Heard that there is a possibilty to take a Galley Tour!
Tickets available at Purser's Desk
- but whwn went to asked for them,
the girls said it was only in the beginning of the week
- a bit weird because our dining friends had the tickets for it
Well, the girls at Purser's Desk
Anna & Wendy were not the most friendliest ones onboard...
It's just how the things are said,
small things that matters
Friday night’s show “Apassionata”
with the Royal Cunard Singers & dancers
At 8.45pm

“A dance extravaganza of exciting styles of dance
from around the world.
From Glenn Miller’s Swing
to the tantalising Argentinean Tango.
This show features some of the most incredible dances ever seen at sea.
Fabulous close harmony vocals of the principle singers
combined with the most glamorous and beautiful costumes
recreate the grandeur of the Hollywood Musical
and international specialist dances.”
- good dance show but as seen pretty many dance shows before,
quite hard to impress me
- perhaps the best one was the Russian dance
– most of the dancers were from Ukraine so no wonder!
Time is set back by 1 hour again

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