Last morning on QM2

Sunday, April 26, 2009

View from the balcony in the last morning

Woke up at 4.45am!
Quick shower
by the way, the showers were by Oras, a Finnish brand
& make up to cover the "panda face"!
Wanted to see the Statue of Liberty as passing by it at 5.15am
There it is!
It was still totally dark,
but the weather was soft & pleasant.
Stayed outside till 6am to see the skyline of Manhattan
as the sun was rising.
Brooklyn harbour
Manhattan skyline
Had passed already the Statue of Liberty
Last breakfast at Britannia Club of Queen Mary 2
It was called express breakfast,
some of the items were not available,
but luckily could choose the basic ones like
cranberry juice, fresh fruit salad,
omelet with ham, cheese & mushrooms,
croisant and tea
Last photos from the balcony:
Small tug beside QM2
The American couple had earlier disembarkation time
so they hurried up and left.
The British couple had purple 1 tags so
the disembarkation time was the same at 8.45am.
Good system and well organized:
passangers were disemberked by the colours of the given tags.
or example Purple 1s were private passangers
from deck 12 without organized transportation
and were asked to be in the Winter Garden at 8.45
Winter Garden
and wait there until they were annouched
to go out to the ship for immigration.
Everything went very smoothly.
Well, on the taxi queue a French man got a bit furious
when someone took his cab,
his own fault - didn't stay in the queue like others did.

Part of QM2

Other part of QM2

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