Transatlantic Day 3

Friday, April 24, 2009

Woke up late – at 8am
Didn’t sleep so well. Rough sea!
Waves 4 meters.
Otherwise beautiful looking sunny morning.

No hope to run on treadmill!
Needed something more stable.
So chose 40mins with crosstrainer.
Even that was a bit difficult,
but at least could hold the handles.

Dress of the day:
Black trousers by Hugo Boss
Black&white top by Rocco Barocco
Black cashmere cardigan by Gap
Black ballerinas by Prada

Breakfast at King’s Court on deck 7.
Had from buffet fresh fruit, salmon-cheese omelet, croissant & tea
- everything was so fresh and tasty!

Checked the Mayfair shops’ day's specials:
The 2009 handbag collection from Guess
- didn’t find anything interesting
A part of the shopping arcade
Instead bought a beige silk pullover by Escada Sport.
The shops don’t have fitting rooms
but you can take the clothes to your state room
for 3 hours and try them on there
– nice service!
always beautiful flowers everywhere
The daily program has become routine already:
Going to spa, trying to read book before having a nap…
Lunch at King’s Court
Tuna salad
40mins walk outside on deck 7.

Beautiful sunny weather!
Some Americans were in the outside Jacuzzi with glasses of champagne
and some brave British people were lying and reading in the deck chairs outside!
Didn’t find it that warm.
While outside captain made an announcement that whales on portside in 800meters
- with binoculars saw the bursting water from them!

No-one using the outside pool today
At 5pm Ayurveda: Abhyangam massage for 50mins
Ayurveda is a combination of traditional
and medical treatments considered
to be one of the treasures of India.
“Feel light, more energetic and active with
a complete Ayurvedic body massage.
Performed with warmed medicated oil,
this fairly vigorous massage treatment
increases body temperature and
improves blood circulation;
tones and relaxes the muscles;
and helps increase your resistance to disease.”
- very nice experience
- refreshing scented oil was marvelous
- like a massage when you feel energetic afterwards, not sleepy
Dress code: Semi-formal
Red dress by Hugo Boss
Black high-heels by Prada
Black evening bag by LV
Black-silver-crystal earrings & bracelet by Furla
Hair open, soft curls
Night’s show already at 7pm:
“A Night at the Theatre”
The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) presents:
“Hobson’s Choice”
“Hobson’s Choice is written by Harold Brighouse.
RADA will present an abbreviated and adapted version made
by Will Norris presented by special permission of Samuel French Ltd
on behalf of the Harold Brighouse Estate.
Hobson’s Choice is one of the British theatre’s best-loved comedies.
Set in Salford, Manchester in the 1880s,
Brighouse wrote it in 1915 to try to lit people’s spirit i
n the gloom of the First World War.
It was first performed in America,
has been revived frequently throughout the English-speaking world
and was turn into a classic film
by Davis Lean starring one of RADA’s most celebrated graduates,
the great Charles Laughton.”
The actors:
Matt Bannister, John Cummins, Mark Inman,
Caroline Kilpatrick, Alexandra Maher, Lizzie Winkler.
- it was so nice to see a play for a long time
- good actors, well-made production
- story was good, funny
Dinner at Britannia Club
Canyon Ranch Spa Selections:
Southwest roasted pepper & avocado salad with pineapple vinaigrette
(no pic)
Grilled tuna, kumquat vinaigrette
Lime pots de creme
Flambee time:
No clocks were set back at night!

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