Sunday walk

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Slept so well with the balcony doors open having the relaxing sound of the waves in the background and with lots of fresh sea air.
After breakfast had a long 3hour walk to Fiesa and Strunjan.
The weather looked quite chilly and almost like starting to rain.

Walking path from Piran to Fiesa
-nicely made

In Fiesa asked from the Hotel Fiesa how to continue to Strunjan. Told that there are 2 ways:
a) continuing the coast line, but the path is not manmade and it's quite rough
b) walking up the hill and following the road back down
Chose the first option. Adventurous way!

Salt pools in Strunjan
No idea what these red "flowers" or plants are! Perhaps some kind of heathers???

Camping site, again! And even weirder one. Whole houses built around the caravans!

Absolutely never seen before!

Took the upper way back from Strunjan to Fiesa.
Nice path in the woods.

The weather was changing warmer and sunny again.

Saw a surfer in Piran

Lunch at Riva
Yesterday's scampi pizza was so delicious that had to have it again....

Came to Caffe Tartini for a muffin and to write this!
Dinner at Pavel
Kalamari fritti, 8eur
Grilled scampi & squids, 26eur
Green salad, 2,50eur
Lemon sorbet, 3eur
Local white wine, 4eur/half litre

- cannot get this kind of food for a long time!

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