Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Monday morning started with running from Piran to Portoroz and with swimming
in the sea.
A group of elderly Danish people were watching curiously in the hotel1s balconies as a brave Finn had a morning swim! It was cold but not freezing. Gorgeous fresh feeling afterwards!

Had still some time to meet a friend for a tea before hitting back to Budapest. With the new motorway via Zagreb it's really easy and fast now.

Bought salt-peel for the body with olive oil.
"Salt is the sea that could not return to the sky"
Salt scrub

Salt shop on the ground level of the Venetian house at Tartini Square

View from the friends' roof-terrace over to Piran
Always enjoy a lot to visit Piran.
A friend recommended the place about 10 years ago. Since then have been there app. twice a year every year.
It's a good feeling seeing that people take care of the town and surroundings. Every time have seen development there - restoring the houses, roads, paths...not demolishing the old but respecting it.

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