To Venice - or not

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Waked up at 6am. Quick shower & make up.
Walked to the bus station to pick up the Kompas's ferry bus to Isola to Prince of Venice.

Another 9 persons waited for the same bus - which never came. Instead one of the crew arrived to annoced that the trip was cancelled due to an engine failure...
Felt very dissapointed.

Back to the hotel. Had a breakfast. And a long walk to Portoroz and all the way to the Seca peninsula.
Got the money back at Kompas office in Portoroz. Friendly service there.


Caravan camping for a long time staying

Caravan camping area for a really long time staying

Well made walking paths

Olive trees on the way

Forma Viva Statue Park

Forma Viva
- quite a strange place. Made in the communist era.
Had a cup of tea & a piece of blueberry tart with vanilla ice cream at Caffe Mignon, just like yesterday.

Tartini Square
Back in Piran for the lunch

Lunch at Riva
Kraski prsut, 8eur
Pizza scampi, 9,50eur
Salata verde, 2,50eur
Local white wine, 4eur/half litre

Back to the hotel for a short nap with the balcony doors open to the sea!
Sign of the 3rd floor in Hotel Piran

Came to Caffe Tartini to write this blog. Nice place. It's been renovated totally since the last time. It was quite a worn out place, but now very fresh and trendy.

Caffe Tartini at Tartini Square
Pittoresque house in Piran

Sunset before the dinner

Dinner at Pavel
Well, of course...
Grilled St Jacob's mussels
Scampi pasta
Grilled sole with home-made chips
Italian lemon sorbet

Local white wine
- it's so good the food here! Had to have almost the same as a night before. Couldn't help it!


  1. Beautiful
    Welcome to my blog

  2. Beautiful
    Welcome to my blog


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