Marjaniemi Cottage Allotment

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Marjaniemi cottage allotment offers a village life-style, close to nature and a social community belief connected by 100 years of history. 

Living with naure is a central concept to the Finnish way of urban life. Having the possiblity of being close to nature in the very heart of the city near home has been part of finnish urbanity for nearly a hundred years. In recent years, the cottge allotment idea has undergone a renaissance as more and more city-dwellers become aware of the possibility of having the countryside on one's doorstep without necessarily driving a long way to a far-off summer residence. 

Marjaniemi garden alootments was founded in 1946. There're 305 gardens in total, each with a small wooden cottage about 33m2.

Who says you can't grow grape vine in Finland?!!


  1. Beautiful photos. Nature shots are always wonderful.

    Jessica @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  2. Wow that's a lot of gardens and cottages. Very pretty photos. Nice to know that people are actually moving closer to nature.

  3. I totally want to stay here! The pictures are so gorgeous and looks very peaceful. Would be a great spot for relaxation and enjoying nature for sure.

  4. Staying in those cottages would be a blissful experience as who doesn't want to stay so close to nature? Your pictures are beautiful!

  5. Can I live in Marjaniemi? haha. A perfect place for home-office.

  6. wow this place is like those places you will usually visualize in your dreams hehe
    your photos are truly amazing.. it seems like each of them has their own story to tell
    thanks for sharing


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