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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Here are some pics of a home reno that made in the end of 2014 in Budapest. This flat has 2 bedrooms, living room with open kitchen, bathroom, toilet and balcony. The idea was to make a cosy mancave for a 26-years old guy, who is keen on football, loud music and likes cooking.
Let's start with the entrance!
The small entrance has 6 doors so there's basically no space for any furniture nor much walls to install any shelves etc. So this is what I could achive:


This was the view when you opened the front door.


A new shoe cabinet made-to-measure by a carpenter. A new mirror above it and a light garland.

(mirror from IdDesign, light garland from Goa Home) 

The radiator was taken down, not really needed, so there was space to make a big shoe cabinet and the view became much better. A new pendant light from Ikea.

Placed (actually clued!) a row of hooks on the metal front door for hanging coats and jackets.

On this piece of wall there used to be a (broken) wood cabinet in oak.  tpssed it away and placed some doggy hooks (from Ikea) and a shelf (also from Ikea) for a poster and throphy. 
The poster is a logo of the flat owner's football club. Had a copy printed of it and framed at Eprescke. 
The walls were painted in light grey called 'Regn' by Fl├╝gger. 

 It's nice to step in when there's a welcoming door mat, isn't it?

(the door mat from HM Home)


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