Monday, January 26, 2015

Bathroom (project part 6/7)

The bathroom was in a good shape, only needed some organizing and more storage space.
Wanted to make it more elegant and added some white items to give a fresh look and added also some black, mainly textiles, to sharpen the space up. 

Very full as you can see!

Bought a new white shower curtain (HM Home), black rug (Ikea) and laundry basket (HM Home), bottles (Clas Ohlson), mirrored cabinet with lights + extra light on top of it (Ikea). A custom made cabinet/table for the washing mashine - helps to hide it a bit and gives storage space on top.


On the opposite wall where another mirrored cabinet was placed, replaced that cabinet with 2 tall cabinets - one with a mirror door, the other one with a simple white door. In the picture there's that new tall cabinet with mirror reflecting the washing machine. Those cabinets are from Ikea. Placed some new hooks on the wall for towels. The black towels are from HM Home.

This cabinet was replaced by 2 tall cabinets. All the cleaning and washing stuff have now place in these cabinets.



Ceiling and walls were painted in white.

1. part of the project: entrance
2. part of the project: restroom
3. part of the project: bedroom
4 part of the project: living area
5. part of the project: kitchen

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