Any New Year's Resolutions?

Friday, January 2, 2015

The weather in Finland has been changing almost on daily basis. From black & wet to snow & frosty to rainy & foggy... and it seems to keep on changing. Actually, it great to get all the possible winter scenes & temperatures during my short visit to remember how the winter really feels in this country.

Any new year's resolutions? 
I'm pretty eager to start the year with new resolutions, but somehow always tend to forget them in a week or so. Mainly all my resolutions have been about becoming a better person, living healthier life, loosing weight, starting a new hobby etc. This year I decided to toss all those lists away and just challange my niece in a "thing" which I will reveal asap - dependng on if she accepts the challange.

Well, my bucket list is still pretty long, but that's another thing.

Fabulous New Year to everyone out there!


  1. I have two resolutions and I hope they count even though I've started working towards them already last year... Learn Spanish or at least study it regularly, and run 5k!


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