Fitbit Bracelet

Friday, December 26, 2014

My new Fitbit bracelet tracks my steps & calories burned during daytime and at night it tracks hours slept, times awakened and sleep quality. Let's see how it works in action. I need to add food and drinks consumed during a day, so it might be a bit complicated. During Xmas time I won't add anything...

It syncs with my mac laptop and iphone without any extra cabel. As it needs to be worn 24/7 I'm slightly worried how this black piece suits with my jewellery... saw a beautiful silver bracelet especially design for Fitbit by one of my favourite designers Tory Burch. Just can't find a place where to purchase it here in Europe. In London, perhaps?

Fitbit bracelets by Tory Burch.

ps. I'm sure after one month I can give more specific info on how the Fitbit's Flex wireless wristband works in action, and how useful it really is. 


  1. Beautiful bracelets! ♥♥♥

    1. Thanks, Judy! Hopefully the black one is useful...


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