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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sometimes it's funny to buy something that you don't really know what it is. That happened to me when I saw these Japanese beauty products!
The white one is a moisturizing body mist by Shiseido. 

"A component of the 14 amino acids, such as collagen and natural water of Fuji, is a jelly supplements sense that gives a feeling of tension and moisture to the skin. 100% natural water use. Weakly acidic, no coloration and non-oily. Fragrance of a refreshing grapefruit."
A very pleasant product to spray over the body!

The pink one is a collagen mist for face by Hadamony.
Deep moisturizing mist with 1000mg of micro Collagen in one bottle. Convenient spray lotion is easy to use anytime anywhere. Slight natural aroma.

"Moisture retention formula. Micro collagen 1000mg, hyaluronic acid Na, honey, acerola extract."
Also a nice product!

Joskus on kiva kokeilla jotain aivan tavallisuudesta poikkeavaa. Eteeni nimittäin tuli pari japanilasita tuotetta joista en ollut kuullut mitään etukäteen. 
Valkoinen puteli on Shiseidon kosteuttava vartalosuihke ja pinkki puolestaan kasvoille suihkutettava kollageenituote.
Miellyttävän tuntuisia molemmat!

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