Budapest: Kodály Körönd

Sunday, July 20, 2014

 Kodály Körönd in Budapest in 1903.
 Same square on Andrássy út in July 2014.

One of the four buildings at Kodaly Körönd was on fire on Tuesday July 15. The fire fighting was going on still on Wednesday. The icons building is part of the UNESCO World Heritage site. Only the lower level survived, all the other floors are damaged. 

The huge plumes of smoke were visible across the city. The surrounding buildings were evacuated and the streets around were closed to cars and pedestrians.

The building was built 1882-1885 ans it's one of the city's most iconic buildings, but has been the subject of financial and ownership disputes for many years, with numerous attempts at renovation being announced or begun without conclusion.

Let's see what will happen to this once beautiful building...

ps.the square or actually circus was named Körönd from the 1890s, Hitler Adolf tér from 1938, renamed Körönd in 1945 and in 1971 named after Zoltán Kodály (Hungarian composer) who once lived in one of the buildings there.

ps ps. The place plaza a central role in Vilmos Kondor's book Budapest Noir (2012).

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