My Weekend Outfit

Monday, June 23, 2014

 Well, this photo session really made me laugh. I tried to take outfit pics of myself... by adjusting my camera to take a snapshot after 5 seconds. Instead of taking one pic after 5 sec it took 5 pics, and the pics are so blurry probably because I couldn't find the right focus point on the blank wall. Some lessons in photographing wouldn't be a bad idea!

Ups, I should have stayed still as the camera kept shooting...

Anyway, I wanted to show this outfit as it's so comfy and I love everything which has soft fleece-lining, feels loose and soft on. Almost my whole wardrobe is based on that criteria.

Cos pants
A&F top
A&F hoody

ps. I promise I'll keep practicing taking photos of my outfits by myself :)


  1. Asukuvien ottaminen itse (tai muille poseeraaminenkin) ovat yhtä tuskaa - kaikki kunnia muotibloggaajille;)
    Mutta itse asiassa nuo sinun kuvasi ovat hauskoja - ja paljon mielenkiintoisempia kuin jäykät ammattiposeeraukset!
    Housut ovat ihanat!


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