Detox Patches

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

This is probably the funniest thing ever heard - herbal patches that you place on your sole for a night to detoxify your whole system. The list of the advantages is pretty long:
it's improving circulation, metabolism, quality of sleep, immune system, reducing pain & swelling.
In the package there're 10pc of these patches. It's recommended to use them for 5 nights 3-5 times a year. 
I made this experience last week.  

I placed the patches on my soles, put socks to my feet to be sure they won't come off during the night. 
In the morning when I took them off, they were moist and black. The same happened every morning. It's normal that the patches become dark in the beginning as all toxics are coming out of the body, but by the end of the week they should already stay clean - not for me…
Difficult to say if the patches really work - did the patches turned to black because the herbal mixture got moist or because the toxins came out from my feet? In my general overall feeling I didn't notice any difference. For sure these patches didn't do any harm and I will give them a try again after a couple of months. 


  1. There was a patch craze a couple of years ago in NYC. At the time I remember hearing that the patches get dark just from the moisture from skin... not sure if they suck out any toxins in the process. But I guess it's worth a try :-)

    1. Worth to try, but I also think that the dark color is not necessarily from toxins...


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