Tea Time

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Might have mentioned earlier that I'm a tea drinker, it's a big no-no to coffee (I have tasted it twice during my life and just couldn't find out what's the point drinking it). I'm not a strict puritan with the teas, how is the water boiled or what is the temperature of it. My tea can be in bags or it can be loose, I drink black, white, green and herbal infusions. With or without milk. Of course, I can taste the quality but sometimes I'm just happy to get a Lipton teabag soaked in hot water and served in a paper cup. it all depends on the mood and situation.

One of my favorite herbal infusion brands is Yogi. There's a remedy for all symptoms. I love Chinese tea what you get in Chinese restaurants with the meal. I bought some diet tea in Chinatown to help my stomach to function, well, five cups a day was a bit too much even for me…
The classic black teas from Fortnum & Mason, Marriage Freres and the flowery flavor ones from Laduree are real treats.

I have my own thermo mug! Now I can run errands around the city with hot tea in my hand…
Btw, this Dean & Deluca one is really functional, don't need to worry for spilling the tea all over the face, and the tea stays warm for a long time.


  1. wow the packaging of this is so pretty!

    1. Have to admit sometimes I choose the tea just because of the packaging...


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