Independence Day

Friday, December 6, 2013

 Happy Independence day to all the Finns around the world!

What do I miss from Finland? Well, the answer is right below...

Here's a list of some facts (or not) about us Finns in an outsider's point of view:
1. Don't interrupt a conversation
2. Don't compare Finland to other countries
3. Tip less
4. Don't brag
5.Don't wear clothes in the sauna
6. Limit public displays of affection
7. Don't show up unannounced
8. Remove your shoes
9. Don't comment on the Finnish ice-hockey team
10. Don't stare at Nordic walkers
Want to know more, go to Terri Mapes.


  1. Tuo 7 ja 8 ovat napakymppejä ja saavat minutkin näkemään punaista!!!


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