Festive Nails

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

 Usually I add a layer of sparkling topcoat over the color but this time I wanted to try just the sparkles. L'Oreal's 7 in 1 Saviour is a perfect base as it has a hint of white in it and makes the surface neutral. I just added one layer of the golden sparkles and finished the manicure with Essie's transparent All In One. When the confetti or sparkling nail polish starts to crack it's easy to add just a layer or two without doing the entire manicure all over again - and the nails look fab again!

Formula X for Sephora - Love Chemistry


  1. Tyylikäs! Pieni valkoisuus raikastaa (ainakin mun kynnet).
    Meikäläisellä tällä kertaa tummaa luumua. Oikea pikkurilli ja vasen nimetön ovat sen lisäksi saaneet hilekerroksen.

    1. Kiitos, Nina! Joo, toi hitunen valkoista tasoittaa just kivasti kynnenpintaa.


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