Bronze Weekend

Sunday, December 8, 2013

 Lazy Sunday morning with eggs & bacon for breakfast. Just half of it was for me!

This weekend is called Bronze Weekend in Hungary. It means there're 3 weeks to go for Christmas. The shops are open late and full of xmas shoppers. Anyway, let's go back to food! Our Saturday menu consisted: 
Salmon carpacchio with cooked beetroot cubes and lemon sauce,
risotto with vegetables,
veal cutlet with rosemary potatoes and portwine sauce,
and some cheese: Appenzeller, Camembert and Stilton.

December 06. is the Independence Day for us Finns, but for Hungarians it's the Mikulas Nap - the day when Santa Claus is coming. On that day you can see plenty of red brownie's caps around the city. There's not only the nice Mikulas who gives presents but also a Krampusz, a mean elf or a version of a devil, who punishes bad children.


  1. OOOh God, i'm hungry!!!
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