Monday, September 16, 2013

Now the weather is still pretty summer-ish, but soon it will be time to wear something else than just a pair of flip-flops...
Bought these black leather ankle boots already a year ago in London but somehow there was no time nor occasion to wear them...I was so into Uggs last season...
The Mermaid is part of Jimmy Choo's 24:7 Icons collection.
Almond-toe wedges.

"I came to London, and my first impression was that everybody looked the same," Jimmy Choo said. "You think all Chinese people look the same, and I found that with the English. All the buildings seemed very uniform, too. I can see now that they are very varied, but at the time they all seemed to be of a standard British type, which was nothing like the Asian style of building. I also found the weather very cold, and the food...well, not what I was used to! But I stayed."

Some time after hard working...

"Then he got the phone call that would change his life. It was from Kensington Palace."

The Jimmy Choo Story 
by Lauren Golstein Crowe & Sagra Maceira de Rosen


  1. Siis just tollaset mä tarvitsisin, mutta ilman kiilakorkoja. Ne ei vaan ole mun juttu. Arvaa vaan, oonko löytänyt... Kiilat on nyt täälläkin in.


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