Did It!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

 Well, it's actually too early to say I did it, but I did go to my first hot yoga class yesterday.
OMG, those 90mins were sweaty! 

I'm not very flexible, I'm more of a runner type. And I have some back issues. A year ago I had to see the orthopedic because of my back and go to physiotherapy. I wasn't allowed to run for 7 months...
This bikram yoga might be a perfect solution for me to get a little bit more flexibility. The yoga room is heated to 40C so the muscles get warm and ready for the exercises and the risk getting injures is less.

 After the class 1,5l water was consumed, the 2 towels I got were totally wet as well as my whole outfit.

As so many bloggers have told about their succeeded diets, fitness and detox regimens, I decided - finally - to try to be a month without any 
sugar (can I survive without chocolate???)
 pasta, bread and other grain products (I'm a real cookie monster)  
fizzy drinks (I'm addicted to diet coke).

I'm still allowed to eat berries and fruit.

Let's see if I can succeed this time...


  1. Great decision, dear!

  2. That's sporty, must be fantastic for the back! Don't forget to eat more though when you work out a lot, so you don't loose muscle-mass, in the military they always have chocolate in their backpacks ;). Enjoy your bikram :)

    1. Thanks, Dana! You're right - it's important to eat enough. After 2 bikram classes my muscles are in pain...

  3. Hi T, thanks for your blog! I had been your reader for quite a while before actually realising we went to the same school as children. I remember you as being very elegant and stylish even then :) And now that you say you're not very flexible, I remember you had trouble with somersaulting. Funny what things you remember after so many years... Good to hear you and your brother are doing well, all the best!

  4. ooooh, I want to try bikram yoga too, but I'm a bit scared.. I've been doing very gentle yoga for the past months every Sunday morning, and I am in love with the way it makes me feel. A new bikram yoga studio has opened near-by, maybe I should give it a try. Very good for detox. Good luck with your month without sugar!


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