Crayfish Season

Monday, July 29, 2013

Some of you might have noticed that I haven't been at home for a while. This year the longest period spent at home has probably been in April when I didn't travel anywhere for 4 weeks or was it 3 weeks...?
Anyway, this weekend it was time to enjoy some home-cooking.

 The crayfish season is here! Well, not exactly here in Hungary but in Scandinavia and in our house. 

 Before the crayfish dinner had a good breakfast:
Salmon, spinach and a poached egg on toast.
No lunch needed!

 Vitello tonato
The piece of veal was bought at Lehel market (XIII district, Bp) and cooked slowly for a good couple of hours. It just melted in the month. Delicious!

 Just some toast, butter and dill sauce with the crayfish. And a glass of Sancerre.

Breakfast for 2:
Omelette with cold-smoked salmon and slices of rye bread.
Good start for the new day!


  1. Ihanan näköisiä ruokakuvia, nam! Ja toivottavasti ehdit olemaan nyt vähän kotonakin!

    1. Joo, tarkoitus olisi olla melkein koko elokuu. Katotaan miten käy...


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