Yyteri Beach

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

 It's not that often that you can go to a beach in Finland,
but on Tuesday it really was the kind of day.
Headed to Yyteri, app. 20km from Pori in the west coast.
 Someone was so anxious to feel the sea!
It's extremely shallow for a really long way.

 Had lunch at Merimesta in Reposaari.

Hopefully it will be a warm & sunny day today as well!


  1. Yyteri is great, have spent there many summers as a kid, oh those memories! I hope the weather in Finland stays as great as it is for the moment, heading there next week and really could use some warmth.. Currently +18 in Belgium, brrr.

    1. It was thundering and lighting at night but the temperature is still almost 30C!


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