Champagne & Shoes

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

 Had a pleasure to pop in to the opening of Marita's new 
shop in Helsinki last week. 

The interior of the shop is fabulous!
(sorry for not having more pics of the interior,
but the place was getting so packed...)

Wave shoes are ecological, natural and extremely comfortable on.
The body of the sole is made of thin layers of Finnish birch. 
The surface layer can be made of curly birch, pear, cherry or rose wood. The strap is available in leather, clear plastic or different textiles.

Wave combines beauty, comfort and functionality.

 These are my Wave shoes called Kaiku from the Wave 1 Collection.

At first when I saw the shoes I was pretty sure they would be clumsy and awkward to wear... how little did I know!
It must be the combination of design and wooden sole that makes the shoes so comfortable and great to wear.
My feet love them!

Me and my Waves at Heroes Square in Budapest.

Cute pattern in the bottom of the sole - nice detail!
The shoes are available in the sizes XS, S, M and L.
M is about 39 in European size scale.


  1. These shoes look like a work of art! Love its fresh and original concept. I wonder if they are durable?


    1. The design is very unique! Time will show how well they last.

  2. These shoes are so pretty. I love cute pattern on the soles.


    1. The pattern on the soles is the final touch.

  3. Thank you very much! I love it!!



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