A Piece Of Lapland In Helsinki

Friday, May 17, 2013

 Had a fantastic Finnish dinner in Lappi (=Lapland) restaurant.

This kind of food should be served in every Finnish restaurant!
Fresh, local, tasty without any extra spices.

Selection of Finnish breads: 
unleavened potato bed, organic rye bread and crispy rye bread.
Starter plate: 
white fish and vendace roe, salmon tartar, smoked vendace, reindeer, moose, forest mushrooms, cranberry jam, lapland squeaky  cheese.
Main course: 
warm-smoked white fish & salmon, chanterelle sauce, omelet and potatoes.

Absolutely perfect! 

After eating all this was already so full but just couldn't resist the dessert...

 Dessert: Lapland squeaky cheese in cinnamon crean with cloudberry jam.

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  1. wow, that looks like an excellent place to vist!


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