Tap Tap

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

 Tap Tap is a famous & popular Haitian restaurant 
on 5th Street at South Beach.
It looks a bit, well, dodgy, but the food is excellent.
Murals on the wall.
Salad Zaboka Ak Tomato
- avocado & tomato salad with house dressing
Very nice! Lots of herbs in the dressing.

Main course:
Kribish Kokoye
- shrimp in coconut sauce
Diri Kole
- mixed rice & beans
Banann Peze
- fried plantains
The coconut sauce was so lovely and rich with a spicy flavour.

Everything was so fresh and clear. Loved it!
So colourful!
(If you like goat, you can have it here!).
 It took 15 mins to make the coffee...
Extremely strong!
 Tap Tap
819 Fifth Street
(btwn Jefferson & Meridian & Jefferson Ave)
South Beach

Have a seat on the terrace!


  1. Looks delicious! Little no-name places are usually the best. And I'm sure down in Florida everything is fresh (unlike up here...). Makes the food taste 100 times better. Enjoy your week! Still in FL or where are you now?

    1. You're so right - everything is so fresh, organic and locally produced.

  2. That looks so nice. Have a great day.

  3. the photos are wonderful!


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