Happy By The Ocean

Friday, March 8, 2013

 Why the beach makes us happy?
It's almost universal.
Just being by the sea puts us in a more 
blissfull state of mind. 

The blue colour has been shown to produce 
feelings of security and relaxation, 
and researchers have discover that blood pressure 
and stress levels drop when people 
watch fish swimming in aquariums.
 Enjoying the waves of the ocean.
 Ocean gives a perfect background for beautiful photos.
A relaxed and memorable wedding day by the ocean.

I just love the ocean and have even brought it inside.
Scented oil "Ocean" on my nightstand 
gives a fresh ocean breeze around the room.

(There was an article of this in the February issue of 
Coastal Living and how it's a scientifically proven fact that ocean makes people happy)

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