Wednesday, December 19, 2012

 Bought the other day Queen of Hungary Mist by Omorovicza.
It's a hydrating,energising and uplifting mist . 
Have used it before and just love it!
 The box is nicely decorated inside with almost
psychedelic yet harmonious pattern.

If you have never heard of Omorovicza,
here're some information on this Hungarian brand:

The Omorovicza story begins over 2, 000 years ago, when the curative properties of Hungary’s thermal waters were first discovered and the famous baths built. 

Today, Omorovicza harnesses this ancient health and beauty phenomenon with Mineral CosmetologyTM and takes natural, anti-aging skincare to a new level. 

Founders Margaret and Stephen de Heinrich de Omorovicza met in the beautiful city of Budapest. The descendant of a noble Hungarian family, Stephen had been drawn there to explore his roots. Margaret, an American, had been brought to the capital by a diplomatic posting. 

Relaxing at Budapest’s ancient thermal baths, the couple were amazed by the effect the mineral-rich, healing waters had on their skin. Margaret and Stephen were fascinated by the natural power of these minerals and saw their potential to be harnessed in a remarkable skincare range. 

Working with a Nobel-prize winning laboratory of dermatology, Omorovicza Cosmetics developed Mineral CosmetologyTM , a pioneering, patented delivery system that takes mineral skincare to a new level. 

The Omorovicza product and professional treatment range launched in 2006 at the eponymous spa in Budapest, where the story began. 
I really like these products!

Had read about this cleansing mitt on US Vogue 
and decided to buy one for myself 
and one for my Mom as a present together 
with the mist.
I thought the mitt comes in a package or at least wrapped 
around somehow,
but the salesgirl went to pick them up in the spa
and handed them to me just like that.
Not so nice to give it as a gift as it gives an already used feeling without any wrapping,
so I took only one for myself.

Well, there was some hassle while paying
so when i arrived back home I realised I had only the mists in my bag. And I hadn't received any receipt from my shoppings...

 Anyway, went back to Omorovicza, explained what had happened
and got a new one. Actually not a new was probably already used in the spa. Noticed the holes at home...

Feeling pretty disappointed!
Do I go there again? Probably not.

Yesterday got some nicely packed samples from my beautician.
A small gesture but made me very happy!

It's a thin line between happiness and disappointment,
I guess. 


  1. Törkeyden huippu Tibs! Ettäs kehtaavat, tosi noloa. Ei saisi ikinä tapahtua.

    1. Olin kylla enemman kuin allistynyt ko palvelusta!


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