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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Wow, what a shoe!

Tom Dixon has designed this stylish door stopper.

The classic English Gentleman's brogue cast in solid aluminium with a copper plated finish. 
This cast piece can be used as a modern door stop or a design decoration. 

Also in black.
Available at Selfridges's.
This product has not been lacquered, over time the natural process of oxidisation will occur forming a patina or tarnish. You may choose to regularly polish the product with a plain duster (much the same way as sterling silver), or leave the product untouched allowing the patina to develop and celebrate the ageing process. 
This door stopper would for sure fit to
my blogger colleague M in Private Blend,
who gave me award!

Thank you so much!


  1. Onpa hauska!
    Pitäisikin hankkia jotkut vähän kivemmat stopparit pariin oveen.

  2. love the black ones!

  3. you have great collection ofMen Shoes these are looking gorgeous specially the brown shoes is outstanding

  4. Mainio stoppari! Ottaisin ehdottomasti tuon kuparisen <3 :)

  5. :)Hauskaa, että muistaminen ilahdutti! Ja kiitos ajatuksesta! Minulla taitaakin olla muutamat vähän saman malliset kengät - sopisi siis hyvin vaikka vaatehuoneeseen!


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