Fiskars Design Village

Saturday, September 29, 2012

 Fiskars Design Village goes to Budapest.

It's time for the annual Budapest Design Week Festival.

 In 2012 Helsinki and its neighbouring towns were given the World Design Capital title, 
and the Fiskars Design Village goes Budapest, 
New and Classics exhibition arrives to Budapest straight from the Helsinki Design Museum 
where it appeared as the official part of the World Design Capital program.

Fiskars, the small village of a total of 600 inhabitants situated about 100 kilometre south-west of Helsinki. 
The picturesque environment rich in natural resources could in itself make the settlement famous, but the international fame is not the result of the exceptional location.
 In the past few decades, Fiskars Village has had every right to use the word design in its name: Fiskars Design Village. While the economic history of the village goes back to 1649, to the foundation of the first ironworks, the process of becoming a design village started in 1987.
 Most of the over 300-year history of Fiskars company famous of its orange scissors was written in this area, still by the '80s the village was almost completely empty, as the company moved away. The genuine idea of inviting artists to the abandoned workers' flats and workshops was conceived in 1987. In the past decades about 120 artists and designers moved in the village, then in 1996 the Artisans, Designers and Artists of Fiskars Co-operative (the so-called Cooperative) was founded. 
The empty workshops were filled with life, the houses were redecorated, exhibition spaces were created, and the Finnish society and the entire world started to discover the artist village representing the values of Slow Life. 
Today Fiskars Design Village is probably the most beautiful and harmonic example of the combination of 
Slow Life and Slow Design.

 Opening ceremony of the Fiskars Design Village
and the whole Design Week festival at Design Terminal.
 There's a shop and a small .coffee house at Design Terminal
 These (what ever they are!)are so cute!

Camilla Moberg's glass works are so beautiful!

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